Research Targets

This project targets to develop membrane-based- and membrane-free FO desalination processes (MbFO and MFFO, respectively) by developing charged, thermo-responsive hydrogels and new membranes. The targeted desalination approach should be suitable to serve as a basis for designing desalination setups on a lab-scale, aiming at a prototype-scale capacity as well as at capital and operation plus maintenance costs smaller than those of existing desalination plants. With these characteristics, the target method should be suitable for providing fresh water for small villages close to salty water sources like seawater and can thereby be considered as a local solution for water scarcity, which is a global challenge specifically emergent in the Middle-East region


Project Areas

Project Area 1: Optimization of the microstructure of thermo-responsive hydrogels

Project Area 2: Modification of thermo-responsive hydrogels with nanomaterials

Project Area 3: Optimization of the chemistry and the microstructure of membranes

Project Area 4: Development of a lab-scale desalination setup